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The Constitution of TAMS (The Alternative Monetary System)

A Constitution for ‘The Alternative Monetary System’ (TAMS)
The world is controlled through a privately owned banking system that is responsible for issuing virtually the whole world’s money supply. In the past, this has been a well-guarded secret - but in recent times this fact has been fully exposed and now positions itself as the most fundamental anomaly that governments refuse to even discuss. i.e. Why does a privately owned monopoly control the issuance of the nation’s money supply?

The nation’s money supply should be issued and controlled by our democratically elected government.

The primary purpose of money is as a medium of exchange to be used in commerce. Where there is enough money in circulation – trade flourishes... where there is insufficient money – it falters. As the supply of money is increased and decreased so it is that economies expand and contract... which provides the means by which those controlling the issuance of money can manufacture circumstances in which they (the issuers) can prosper at everybody else’s expense.

It is fundamental to a proper democratic system that those elected into office to serve the best interest of the people must have control on the money supply... without which the principles of a democratic system are meaningless.

TAMS is a blueprint for a democratic monetary system in which the nation’s money supply is issued by the people – for the benefit of us all... in contrast to the present system which operates for the benefit of an elite few.

In keeping with the principles of a democracy it is the people who must decide how they want their monetary system to function and in this regard this document is an attempt to structure a constitution for a monetary system that will meet with the approval of those who chose to use it.

The objective is to establish an equitable monetary system through which trade will prosper and the hard work and honest endeavours of ordinary people can be rewarded without hindrance or restriction.

It is hoped that by this example other people around the world will be encouraged to create their own democratic monetary systems and help us to bring to an end the endless strife and poverty that is the consequence of the monetary system that we presently use.

The creation of a new monetary system requires only that a critical mass of people use it... and that we eventually stop using the present system, which can be done by progressive and peaceful means and without any disruption to society as a whole.
In order to encourage the use of a new system... it should be demonstrated that its purpose is honourable, expressed by a set of principles.
These principles are called a constitution... the rules by which it will function.
The constitution should be subject to mandate of all the initial members signed up to use it. With changes as and when necessary approved by the mandate of members.
The constitution should be easy to interpret – albeit some explanation of certain principles may be necessary.
Access to TAMS should be entirely the choice of individuals consenting to use it. Expulsion should be a consequence for those who choose to undermine or abuse the system... and condemned only by judgment of their peers under the provisions of our common law.

*** *** ***
Here follows a list of principles – recommended to form the constitution of TAMS.
1. Money is a medium of exchange and it should be made freely available - to encourage the exchange of goods and services amongst all people.
2. Money as a medium of exchange should not have tradable value i.e. not bought and sold for profit.
3. Money should not be used as a commodity to make more money.
4. As money can be created out of nothing and placed into circulation to aid commerce, then there must be a method of extracting it from circulation, to be cancelled, in order to control and balance its supply, to avoid inflationary pressures.
5. The method of issuing money should be mandated.
6. The method of extracting money from circulation (taxation) should be mandated.
7. Every individual should have the right to access as much money as they need to go about their lives and their business – under the strict criteria that all money made available through lending... must be paid back. Failed loans become the liability of all users.
8. The method of establishing an individual’s ability to repay loans should be fair and transparent.
9. Money should not carry any interest charge.
10. The issuance of money should be in accordance with a set of principles and not subject to whim.
11. All money must be created without ill-will or favour.
12. All money that remains idle for extended periods – should be progressively extracted from circulation... as it is not being used for purpose. A small percentage idle-money fee will be attached to large sums of money not in use.
13. A base supply of money must always be in circulation to provide the means by which the essentials in life can flow freely and equitably.
14. No individual should be deprived of the basic living standards for lack of money.
15. The base supply of money should be issued via each individual by way of a universal income – the purpose of which will be to eliminate poverty and deprivation.
16. The value of the base money supply should be underpinned by the common wealth of the nation.
17. The universal income will eliminate the need to save money for the basic needs for a retirement thus the money that makes up savings can be released to be used for its proper purpose i.e. to be used as a medium of exchange. [Money that accumulates as savings is used by bankers and corporations for speculation which drives up prices to the detriment of us all, including savers. Ditto pension funds.]
18. The purchase of luxuries can be by way of short-term savings or interest-free loans if deemed repayable by the borrower.
19. Wealth should be seen as having access to all of life’s pleasures accessed by way of making a worthwhile contribution. There can thus never be a shortage of work and the means by which these luxuries can be secured.
20. The hording (saving) of money should be discouraged – excluding short term provision. If the purpose of money is a medium of exchange then that should be its use. If excessive wealth due to earning large volumes of money and saving same were to become a pointless exercise, then the emphasis on greed would diminish.
21. All luxuries within reason should be attainable by making a worthwhile contribution and must be available to all.
22. There should be a limit to the difference between the reward given for the most and least desirable work... to create and maintain an equitable society.
23. Reward should be encouraged as an incentive.
24. Sufficient money should be issued to provide homes for every family.
25. To advance beyond the basic living standard, every individual capable of doing so, should make a meaningful contribution to their society.
26. The minimum total volume of money in circulation should be determined by using a minimum amount (per individual) that is required to purchase the basic needs... multiplied by the population.
27. The actual amount of money (per individual) in circulation should be a factor greater than 1 x this ‘basic needs’ amount*. This factor should be determined over time and should be mandated.
28. Control of the money system must remain beyond the control of individuals or groups of individuals and always remain under the authority of this constitution.
29. Access to an alternative monetary system is the right of every individual... not a privilege granted by others, especially banks.
30. Breaches of the constitution must be subject to remedy through a common law system in which judgement must be by our peers.

*Re 25. If an individual requires 1000 units of money for basic needs - to feed, clothe and house themselves (including a basic supply of utilities) then the amount of money in circulation must be a ‘factor’ greater than 1 x 1000 x population. This factor will allow for the issuance of more money than that required for all basic needs and can be defined as ‘surplus money’ that would provide reward for hard work, initiative and pro-active endeavours on which mankind is known to thrive and prosper. Surplus money distributed to some and not others due to different work ethics, should not be regarded as a bad thing, although excessive accumulation of surpluses must be deemed as both undesirable and pointless. The factor will determine how much extra money is available in circulation for reward.

A new monetary system built on new values will seem strange to many of us who have grown accustomed to a system that promotes greed and self interest... and may take time to accept. The underlying principle of TAMS is that we do not have to feed our greed in order to enjoy all the luxuries of life... they are there for us all to enjoy without resorting to excessive toil and the accumulation of excessive quantities of money.

Money is not wealth - and yet that is what most of us now believe. True wealth is ‘access to a good life’ and a more meaningful existence and we must re-educate ourselves to this reality.
As a new reality emerges – one in which there is less hardship and greater access to life’s pleasures there will be a transformation from the old system to the new by virtue of its acceptance and not by any forced implementation.
Our present difficulty is in trying to visualise the new paradigm in the face of our existing misery – a world without conflict is almost impossible to imagine or hope for in view of the experience of millennia through which mankind has known only permanent conflict.
To some TAMS will seem idealistic and impracticable... and yet what is being proposed is not extreme in any way – it is merely ‘different’ - and whilst there is always a reluctance to accept change... this now is the only way forward.
By changing the emphasis on what wealth is - from ‘having money’ to ‘having a truly good life’ there will be a slow realisation of just how easy our goal for a new monetary system is... provided only that a consensus is reached amongst the people as a whole.

This document should be regarded as a foundation stone only in the writing of a constitution. i.e. Work in progress.
All contributions and comments are welcome.
Please note: The constitution should focus on the ‘principles’ by which the system will operates – not the mechanics of how it will work.
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Roger Hayes
Sorry Neil - I do not understand what it is you are trying to say?

Re "if we think that a "concept" constitution of an alternative banking and money system would read and be understood any better if we also looked at the Cold, Hard, Proven, Researched, Recorded, Oath-Sworn Truths of the existing (wo...
  • December 24, 2015
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Neil Warren is online.
Can you open and read this page?
  • December 24, 2015
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Neil Warren is online.
I personally also think we're "little englanders" unless we look in depth, best we can, with whomever, at the "Peoples' Bank" versions of Contributionism / Ubuntu, again world wide. That's in both the Money-Fraud one in Justice and in Hours-currency in Economics, along with Anthony Migchels from the...
  • December 24, 2015
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Lawrence Davies

please don't copy-paste Anna's words onto the Slovene info page. For one I haven't decided on the correct structure for the pages yet, so it might be a waste of time (I don't know the best regional division to use, but will ask my partner who is a Slovene).

Secondly I just read this: http://www.s...
  • December 24, 2015
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Neil Warren is online.
Thanks Lawrence, and I'm starting again with the basics of business (social) media use because only 1% even understand that bit. I watch my emails like a hawk, always have, always will, so this morning's No 1 stand out excellent email is:

Lawrence Davies comme...
  • December 24, 2015
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Neil Warren is online.
I got a reprieve on the dog walk (it started raining), so the other person I think we need to research is Emily Windsor Cragg.

Elizabeth Windsor says she has certain divine (god given) rights over us, like ownership of us as loyal subjects doing things and thinking things on her land, and because of...
  • December 24, 2015
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Neil Warren is online.
And I know this is going to be beyond messy-impenetrable, but nonetheless....

Among the other Media / Communications work I do (tirelessly? certainly £-unpaid), is to keep an eye on facebook and other £-Money System Media for anything and anyone trying to research and expose The Truth(s). This is an ...
  • December 24, 2015
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Neil Warren is online.
And if Elizabeth Watson is towards the lower end of people interested in our constitutions, Sir Stephen Laws here is claiming:

"...I worked at the interface of government, Parliament and the law for 37 years, led the drafters of UK legislation and gave constitutional advice. I’d like to share with th...
  • December 24, 2015
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Neil Warren is online.
Roger HayesSorry Neil - I do not understand what it is you are trying to say?

Re "if we think that a "concept" constitution of an alternative banking and money system would read and be understood any better if we also looked at the Cold, Hard, Proven, Researched, Recorded, Oath-Sworn Truths of the e...
  • December 28, 2015
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Neil Warren is online.
I see you online / logged in with us again, Roger, although understand that that does not necessarily mean you are reading anyone / anything, or about to add more information of your own.

Nonetheless, can you / have you already noted Daniel Bruno with a swiftcoin offering from Argentina, and do you-w...
  • December 30, 2015
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