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Damien Duffy

Lives in Manchester, United Kingdom ·
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Rik Parris
Damien Duffy
Damien Duffy
Damien Duffy
Neil Warren
Akela says you'll get an e-Guide Gold Badge if you get this music person to find and join the appropriate page for Fairfax...

Whilst you're at it, if you also f...
Geoff Dykes
James Hayton
Damien Duffy
Wahay I found my way here!
Hello everyone, I'm in M22.
Play sax (can teach) and run an estate car.
Could teach music theory.
I am competent on both types of fork lift, but without a current license.
I can ...
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Neil Warren
If you also spot "Discussions" in the list on the left, you should be able to spot Rik's starter where you could perma-list the above, thereby also sending an auto update to everyone on that /forum, and getting updates yourself (having clicked "Subscribe - Yes" as you post), from everyone else.

When ...
  • August 16, 2017
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Neil Warren
Oh - look, this is interesting...

Panel 2 says there was a profile also called "Damien Duffy", back in 2015, whi...
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