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Anthony Badaloo

Lives in London, United Kingdom ·
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Neil Warren is online.
And from the screenshot with your Scambuster-Change link, if you can also sneak a peek at panel 72 on page_5 here (August 2014 work):
Neil Warren is online.
This really, really "works" for me, for example. Without confirming the linking apps-code, I'm pretty sure has auto-selected:
Neil Warren
fa£$€book Inc friend request also sent:

There's unlawful money - then there's the other sort of people. ;-)

See also lawful-FORUMS -> Arts - something tuneful when you get a "free" moment.
  • December 27, 2017
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Neil Warren is online.
Hello Anthony, welcome (at the very least), and my lawful-friend request sent given that I am at least aware of this version of you and your work:
Anthony Badaloo
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